Verifies that Message.clearBody() leaves the message body empty, and doesn't clear the message properties.



1 QueueConnectionFactory TRANSACTED Message Yes
2 QueueConnectionFactory TRANSACTED MapMessage Yes
3 QueueConnectionFactory TRANSACTED ObjectMessage Yes
4 QueueConnectionFactory TRANSACTED TextMessage Yes
5 QueueConnectionFactory AUTO Message Yes
6 QueueConnectionFactory AUTO MapMessage Yes
7 QueueConnectionFactory AUTO ObjectMessage Yes
8 QueueConnectionFactory AUTO TextMessage Yes
9 QueueConnectionFactory CLIENT Message Yes
10 QueueConnectionFactory CLIENT MapMessage Yes
11 QueueConnectionFactory CLIENT ObjectMessage Yes
12 QueueConnectionFactory CLIENT TextMessage Yes
13 QueueConnectionFactory DUPS_OK Message Yes
14 QueueConnectionFactory DUPS_OK MapMessage Yes
15 QueueConnectionFactory DUPS_OK ObjectMessage Yes
16 QueueConnectionFactory DUPS_OK TextMessage Yes
17 TopicConnectionFactory TRANSACTED Message Yes
18 TopicConnectionFactory TRANSACTED MapMessage Yes
19 TopicConnectionFactory TRANSACTED ObjectMessage Yes
20 TopicConnectionFactory TRANSACTED TextMessage Yes
21 TopicConnectionFactory AUTO Message Yes
22 TopicConnectionFactory AUTO MapMessage Yes
23 TopicConnectionFactory AUTO ObjectMessage Yes
24 TopicConnectionFactory AUTO TextMessage Yes
25 TopicConnectionFactory CLIENT Message Yes
26 TopicConnectionFactory CLIENT MapMessage Yes
27 TopicConnectionFactory CLIENT ObjectMessage Yes
28 TopicConnectionFactory CLIENT TextMessage Yes
29 TopicConnectionFactory DUPS_OK Message Yes
30 TopicConnectionFactory DUPS_OK MapMessage Yes
31 TopicConnectionFactory DUPS_OK ObjectMessage Yes
32 TopicConnectionFactory DUPS_OK TextMessage Yes