StreamMessage supports the following conversion table. The marked cases must be supported. The unmarked cases must throw a JMS MessageFormatException. The String to numeric conversions must throw a java.lang.NumberFormatException if the numeric's valueOf() method does not accept the String value as a valid representation. StreamMessage must implement the String to boolean conversion as specified by the valueOf(String) method of Boolean as defined by the Java language.
A value written as the row type can be read as the column type.
boolean X         X  
byte  X X   X X    X  
short   X   X X    X  
char    X      X  
int     X X    X  
long      X    X  
float       X X X  
double        X X  
String X X X   X X X X X  
byte[]          X


  • Section 3.11.3, Conversions Provided by StreamMessage and MapMessage
  • Table 3-7